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Fitness Prep for Your IVF Journey


Welcome to my specialised fitness sessions for your conception journey!

Dive into a series of six nurturing classes, meticulously crafted to offer a serene, secure, and enjoyable atmosphere. Whether you're on your TTC, FET, or IVF path, empower your body from the comfort of your home, anytime. Enjoy the benefits of my morning sessions, now available on demand for you!


Course Structure:
Dive Deep into Each Session

Breath Mastery
Simple breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system and maintain a calm demeanor, essential for keeping stress at bay.
Lymphatic Boost:
Engage in sequences that promote lymphatic drainage, aiding in detoxification and bolstering the immune system.

Special Note:
Refrain from this section 24 hours before IVF transfer & implantation. Additionally, lymphatic drainage work is not recommended during the initial 1-3 months of a confirmed pregnancy.
Energising Movements:
Gentle, full-body exercises that not only enhance circulation but also uplift your spirit, leaving you feeling invigorated and positive.
Mobility Magic:
Unlock tight joints and usher in a surge of fresh, oxygen-rich blood to the pelvis, assisting in optimal reproductive health and flexibility.
Join me and embark on a journey that prioritises both your physical and emotional well-being, ensuring you're at your best during this significant phase of life.

Getting Started: Your Essentials

  • A device (laptop, tablet, or phone) with a screen size that allows you to comfortably view me.
  • Ensure the volume is turned up.
  • Wear relaxed clothing that allows easy movement and has a bit of stretch.
  • Preferably a mat, though a soft carpet will do just fine.
  • A cushion for added support.
  • Keep some water handy to stay hydrated during the session.

Accessing Your Classes

Upon successful payment, you will be sent an email asking you to create a login and password. This will grant you access to all of your classes!

Should you have any queries or need clarity before enrolling, don't hesitate to reach out. My inbox is always welcoming.

Eagerly awaiting our sessions together,


A Gentle Reminder from Kate:

The insights shared in these videos are purely advisory and not meant for diagnosis or treatment. By proceeding with the payment, you acknowledge that you're willingly participating in an exercise regimen that, like any physical activity, carries a potential risk of injury. If in doubt, always consult with a medical professional.

About me:
Kate Siobhan Taylor

I am a Sports Therapist & personal trainer based in Mayfair, London and Guildford, Surrey.

Having experienced female athlete triad in my 20’s, I have had first-hand experience of the negative impact of over-exercising, under-nourishing, and lack of correct support can have on fertility. My programming takes into account the effect exercise can have on the female reproductive system and works sympathetically with the menstrual cycle and cyclical changes in hormones to help manage conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis as well as unexplained infertility to achieve positive change. I also work with males to maximize their chances of conceiving through achieving a healthy mind and body and by putting their own long-term health first.

My 13 years of experience as a Sports Therapist have proven invaluable when coaching clients in a fitness environment. For me, health always comes first, and I tailor my programs to the specific needs of each client – whatever their starting point. I combine strength training, postural correction, breathe-work, and nervous system repair with behavioral and nutritional therapy, ensuring all clients achieve optimal health and long-term change while on their journey to conceive.

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Further Services I offer

Face to face appointments

Kate can be found for in person appointments at 86 Brook Steet, Mayfair, London and in Guildford, Surrey. In person sessions allow hands on approach as you work between the treatment room and gym floor as well as the use of the state of the art facility (London). These sessions are for both females and males during their preconception health plan.

Online training

While we appreciate not everyone can travel to London, Kate offers online training sessions via zoom. This allows the guidance and contact time of in person session wherever you are in the world!

Online programming

Monthly programming in line with your fertility goals, menstrual cycle and treatment cycle. Each month offers a 30min zoom call with Kate as well as weekly check ins and adjustments via the online platform.
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"For me, health always comes first, and I tailor my programs to the specific needs of each client – whatever their starting point."

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